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Energetic Healers / Massage Therapists / Artists / Movement Healers / Dancers / Musicians

We are an intimate group of energy and emotion healers, clairvoyant empathics, teachers, musicians, artists, and dancers who have devoted our lives to bringing up the vibration for the human race. Our focus includes deeper healing from pain and stuck energy by working together to free up that energy and allowing it to flow.

Take yourself on a rhythmic journey, raising your vibration through connection, melody, and a natural flow. Allow your spirit to bloom and soar freely.


Coastal Clarity


This Cardiff by the Sea, serene, tranquil coastal beach location shares its feeling of love with you from the moment you step onto the property. It is an American Indian themed dwelling on top of an organic canyon, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with panoramic ocean views. Each day offers its own new version of views to the world around you. Sunsets and sunrises are nothing short of magical. The spacious west facing deck holds group Yoga, Wind Dance, Group Slumbers under the Stars, Reiki Healing Sessions, Qi Gong, Group Meditation, Percussion Drumming, and much more. Equipped with 13 extremely cozy beds, a Dance Room, LED lighting throughout, a large fully stocked Kitchen, a Spa, Meditation Platform, open west facing Living Room for group connection, fountains with water flowing and a clean, artistic, healing atmosphere. This space is one of a kind!

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Drum Circle

- Free flow group, beginner - advanced.  

Movement Therapy 

- Outside on top of a natural canyon, large deck, fresh air breath-work with guided movements. Some slow and others faster, connecting, balancing, and lifting our vibration together as ONE.   


- Guided Breath with deep inhales and exhales, renewing our spirit and releasing old thoughts and patterns.

Energy Movement

- Light to No touch individually while comfortably laying down on massage table. With use of intuition, your energy is guided to move, clear, circulate, let go of blocks, release sadness, pain, & stress. 


-  We customize the massages depending on the client age, condition, or any special needs or goals they might have. Massage Add On - CBD Oil - To help with pain or inflammation.


- Relax in private / semi private / small group 102 degree water, ocean views, jets and bubbles.

2 Beeze 90 min Healing 

- Laying comfortably on massage table, you will receive 45 minute Energy Movement, (light to no touch), followed by 45 minute  Massage to match your body and healing needs.

Resort Style Bee Healing

- This is a 2 hour Session to Include, breath work, Energy Movement, Massage, Private Spa, Shower, Meditate, tea w honey.


Healer's Retreat

- Whether you work with Massage, Energy Movement, Yoga, Cannabis, Chiropractic, Music, Personal Coach, etc... we have healer Healing Retreat's designated for your personal well being and this gives locals an opportunity to connect with one another.

The Bee Hive

This space has been created with intention to allow everyone the opportunity to bee open to receive and let go of what may be polluting your inner pollen. A fresh start where you get to take time to smell the flowers and breathe fresh ocean air.

"The Bee Hive Gift"

Give the gift of lifting your vibration and connecting within yourself with a flow that makes everything as sweet as honey.



Bee Healing 2.5 Hour Group Session

2.5 Hour Group Session Includes:

  • Earth Animal Healing Rhythms
  • Movement Therapy 
  • One on One Connect
  • Guided Meditation / Gratitude
  • Healing Tea
  • Intentions


Bee Healing 4 Hour Group Session

4 Hour Group Session Includes: 

  • Earth Animal Healing Rhythms w Hand Drums 
  • Movement Therapy 
  • Lunch Break
  • One on One Connect
  • Guided Meditation / Gratitude 
  • Reflection Art Expression
  • Energy Movement
  • Healing Tea
  • Intentions


Bee Healing Overnight

Connect with like-minded people while lifting your vibration at The Bee Hive. 

Choose your over night stay in the Red Tail Hawk Room, Peacock Room, Rhythm Room, or Honey Sunset Room.

(Includes 4 Hour Group Session)



2 Beeze 90 min Healing

A unique combination of healing treatments. Beginning with Energy Movement for 45 min, followed directly with 45 min Massage. 2 separate technicians work on you while you relax and receive.


Resort Style Bee Healing

Private Therapy Sessions Include:

  • Breath Work
  • Energy Movement 
  • Massage
  • Spa
  • Shower
  • Meditate
  • Tea with Honey


Bee Healing Energy Movement

1 on 1 connect with breath work, followed by Energy Movement,full body & mind, private spa, shower, completed with meditation, honey & tea.

Our Healers



Clairvoyant Empathic Energy Movement Sessions / Movement Therapy - 

I have visions during healing sessions and I feel the depths of another person's spirit. I move energy and lift the vibration, generating circulation and repair within your body. The Sessions I offer are either private or group with light or no touch Movement of Energy.

Garrie W



I am an intuitive healer and bodyworker with 15 years experience and a passion for service and sharing 

With a background in fitness and yoga I incorporate movement into customized therapeutic sessions and bring a calm energy to create healing through a balance of movement and stillness.

Ari M


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Ellie D


I have an adventurer's spirit and I am honored to be able to guide your Yoga experience at The Bee Healing Home. I have a strong background in dance to include just about every style and all levels. Yoga is my life changing passion. 

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